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Identification of T and В lymphocytes in chickens and their subpopulations byflowcytofluorometric analysis using flow cytometer BD FACSVerse™

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Method of identification ofT- and B-lymphocytes in chickens and their subpopulations by flow cytofluorometric analysis using BD FACSVerseTM was developed. Method of lymphocytic gate extraction with control of leukocyte common antigen CD45 and monocytic antigen expression was determined. Antibody panels for immunophenotyping lymphocytes when testing chicken cell mediated immune response were selected and tested. They enable to determine a relative number of T- and B-lymphocytes, T-helpers and T-cytotoxic cell populations in blood and chicken lymphoid organs. The paper demonstrates specificity and reproducibility of the developed method of identification of chicken lymphocyte subpopulation.

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M. Volkova
FGBI "ARRIAH", Vladimir

Ir. Chvala
FGBI "ARRIAH", Vladimir

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., . . Ветеринария сегодня. 2015;(2):43-47.

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Volkova M.A., Chvala I.A. Identification of T and В lymphocytes in chickens and their subpopulations byflowcytofluorometric analysis using flow cytometer BD FACSVerse™. Veterinary Science Today. 2015;(2):43-47. (In Russ.)

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