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Development of polimeraze chain reaction based test system for Eperythrozoon suis detection

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A PCR and electrophoresis based tool was developed for Eperythrozoon suis detection. During 2004-2013, tests for Eperythrozoon suis detection were performed using the developed tool. The agent was detected in whole blood samples collected from replacement gilts and sows.

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M. Biryuchenkova
FGBI "ARRIAH", Vladimir

A. Timina

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., . . Ветеринария сегодня. 2015;(1):47-50.

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Biryuchenkova M.V., Timina A.M. Development of polimeraze chain reaction based test system for Eperythrozoon suis detection. Veterinary Science Today. 2015;(1):47-50. (In Russ.)

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